Coming Out

The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool contacted me and asked me if I would like to create artwork for their current exhibition Coming Out, which celebrates LGBT artists, commemorates 50 years since male homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK and also opened to the public on the same weekend as Liverpool Pride 2017.

They wanted me to create seven large A3 prints that were going to be displayed in the FORUM part of the exhibition, which enables visitors to engage with the exhibition on a more personal level. These prints attempt to celebrate the wide range of genders and sexualities that many of us identify as. Alongside the prints, I was also commissioned to create colouring-in sheets for the gallery visitors to colour-in whilst looking at the wide range of work on display by the other artists.

 In addition, the Walker wanted me to lead placard-making workshops for the visitors. These workshops took part on the 27th July, 16th August and 17th August 2017 and allowed the visitors to create placards that they could either display in the FORUM or take with them to use for any upcoming Pride events!

Coming Out was on from 28th July until 5th November 2017.

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